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New usury rate: consequences for borrowers

The usury rate is supposed to protect the borrower against excessive rates when applying for a home loan from a bank. Every quarter, the Banque de France analyses the average effective rates charged by credit institutions and determines the threshold that should not be exceeded. The TAEG (annual percentage rate of charge) ...

health mutual

Supplementary health insurance in 3 questions

The "Mutuelle santé", also known as "complementary health insurance", is an insurance contract that complements the basic covershealth insurance.
1. What is the purpose of this insurance?
The purpose of complementary health insurance is to reimburse all or part of the expenses not reimbursed by the country's "health insurance" system (whether it exists or not) that are not covered by the national health insurance system.

home loan insurance

Borrowing despite a health problem: solutions exist

It is best to approach as many credit institutions and insurers as possible to try to get a loan if you have or have had a health problem. The AERAS agreement can be a last resort.
The question is often asked: can you take out a loan if you have (or have had) a health problem?

unemployment insurance

Job Loss Insurance: How does it work?

Before granting you a home loan, the bank requires you to take out loan insurance to cover the risks of death, disability and incapacity. The coverloss of employment insurance is an optional insurance that can also be offered to you when you take out a mortgage.
The conditions
This coveris rarely taken out when taking out a mortgage.

loan insurance contract in delegation

A Guide to Loan Insurance

Whatever the loan, it is in the borrower's interest to take out specific insurance. This is offered by the lending institution and can be changed by another offer from another player. Beyond the cost of loan insurance, it is important to understand and analyse the conditions of application when a claim occurs.
Without hesitation, loan insurance ...


Loan insurance: delegated contracts vs. bancassurances

Loan insurance with the bank or by delegation?
After the law Lagarde of September 2010 on insurance delegation, the Hamon law of July 2014 facilitates the change of contract during the first year of the loan. This measure was reinforced in January 2018 by the entry into force of the Bourquin amendment aimed at making it easier for ...


Subscribing to one Crédit Immobilierin France is always accompanied by the implementation of a loan insurance. The latter is the essential point to cover oneself in case of impossibility of reimbursement but also to protect the bank to which the insurer will pay the amount due. In order to optimize the cost of the financial operation, borrowers focus on...

Investing in France: simplified procedures for expatriates!

On the occasion of the 18th edition of the Journées de Courtage in Paris, the traditional meeting of insurance professionals, Valoramaspecialising in loan insurance for non-residents, took stock of the latest developments in the new school year.  

As a reminder, loan insurance, even if it is not mandatory, is always requested by the bank...