Investing in France: simplified procedures for expatriates!

On the occasion of the 18th edition of the Journées de Courtage in Paris, the traditional meeting of insurance professionals, Valoramaspecialising in loan insurance for non-residents, took stock of the latest developments in the new school year.  

As a reminder, loan insurance, even if it is not mandatory, is always requested by the bank...

Valorama and theUFE in Geneva on April 11, 2019

As part of its international conferences withUFE, Valorama will be in Geneva, at the Hôtel Métropole on Thursday 11 April - from 7 to 9 pm, Quai du Général-Guisan 34.
The theme "Investing in real estate in France with the right interlocutors" will bring together :

Valorama - which will present the appropriate loan insurance solutions for Swiss non-residents...