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Loan Insurance

You are an expatriate or a non-resident of France and you want a competitive loan insurance contract that takes into account your age, country, travel and health. We offer a fast and efficient implementation, remotely, in French or English (or other language), of the exams in your place of residence, at the best price

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Family and "Key Man" insurance

You want to protect your loved ones, your family or cover the payment of inheritance tax so that your heirs can be quiet.

Family Welfare

The activity of a company is sometimes based on one or a group of people providing essential added value to the company, which is why it is important to cover the risk of death or illness of these key people. In order to make the company sustainable, work more calmly and save jobs. These are called "Key Man" contracts

Key Man Contract


Health insurance over the world

You wish to cover your health costs, medical care, medicines, hospitalisation, optics, dentistry in France and abroad... Ask us here.

Health Insurance

Legal Protection

 When building up your assets and wanting to preserve your rights vis-à-vis third parties, tenants, tax authorities or any other private matter, it is important to benefit from quality legal assistance.

Legal Protection