Insure your loan from Canada or the United States....

Insure your loan from Canada or the United States....

When you take out a home loan in France from abroad, French banks will ask you to take out loan insurance. But being an expatriate in a country far away from France such as Canada or the United States, where it is difficult to travel back and forth to carry out the medical examinations necessary to obtain this loan insurance. So how do you insure your loan from abroad?

By trying to find the most suitable insurance by yourself, you risk selecting a contract that does not meet your expatriate issues and the requirements of the bank in which you wish to finalize your loan application. On the other hand, by selecting a loan insurance broker such as Valorama, you will benefit from immediate access to the most relevant and competitive insurers, while having the possibility of subscribing to one of the contracts offered online, without having to travel. We compare more than twenty insurance contracts and ensure that the selected contract complies with the bank's requirements.

We simplify the cumbersome and tedious procedures that lengthen the time needed to obtain your loan insurance and therefore your Crédit Immobilier. 

To find out how to insure your loan from abroad, watch our webinar with theUFE and Carte mortgage set upa credit broker. Do not hesitate to contact us by email for more information.