Job Loss Insurance: How does it work?

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Job Loss Insurance: How does it work?

Before granting you a home loan, the bank requires you to take out loan insurance to cover the risks of death, disability and incapacity. The coverloss of employment insurance is an optional insurance that may also be offered to you when you take out a home loan. 

The conditions 

This coveris rarely taken out when you take out loan insurance, as it is often expensive and not required by the bank. It covers the payment of part of your monthly instalments in the event of involuntary redundancy. However, the right to this insurance is only available under certain conditions. Indeed, it can only be applied in the case of a redundancy entitling you to Pôle Emploi benefits. In the event of dismissal for gross misconduct, resignation, partial unemployment or contractual termination, job loss insurance will be of no use.

It is also important to check the age limit, as most insurers will require the policyholder to be under 50 years of age (some policies can go up to age 65).

The waiting period

In addition, the loan will not be taken over immediately. In the event of job loss, it is necessary to wait a period of 3 to 6 months before starting to receive compensation. Unemployment insurance contracts also provide for a waiting period which generally varies from 6 to 18 months, during which time the insurer will not pay any compensation even if the insured person is made redundant.

LOSS OF EMPLOYMENT insurance untied from any other insurance

In order to better protect you, Valorama has selected a competitive product for the protection of your income, which is complementary to provident or loan insurance contracts. Nevertheless, it is very relevant, especially in view of the current instabilities.

We offer you today a LOSS OF EMPLOYMENT insurance untied from any other insurance... With this contract without an enrolment examination, we propose to maintain your standard of living in case of dismissal :

  • You choose exactly how much tax-free monthly benefit* you want to receive.
  • After 12 months, you are covered against the risk of losing your job through dismissal in addition to the allowance paid by ASSEDIC.
  • You benefit from an income supplement of up to 2 years*.
  • You must be a French tax resident, aged between 23 and 53 years old and be employed in the private sector.
  • Examples of rates for an executive: for 500€ of monthly allowances desired: 34€/month, for 1000€, 63€/month (other allowances possible)

To find out more or to subscribe, there are 2 possibilities:

  • call us on +33 6 79 61 44 29, or send us an email with your requests or questions to contact@valorama.fr and we will discuss with you the coversadapted to your situation.  
  • or go directly to the page => Loss of Employment Valorama where you will find all the information and the application document.

* Within the limit of the loss of income.

* Depending on the length of your contributions