Can expatriates and foreigners really take out loan insurance outside their bank?

Can expatriates and foreigners really take out loan insurance outside their bank?

Any borrower now has a free choice of borrower insurance contract and can terminate it each year. Nevertheless, according to a recent Artémis courtage study, "less than one in three French people know that changing borrower insurance has been made easier" and "only 12% of people who have taken out borrower insurance have taken advantage of regulatory changes to change their institution". However, we are increasingly noticing that expatriates are not sufficiently informed of their rights to choose the insurance of their choice at the time of taking out a loan. It would seem that traditional banks (not specialised in non-resident customers) take advantage of the geographical remoteness and (relative) complexity of remote preparation of mortgage files to tax their institution's bank insurance more frequently. They argue that this would simplify the process and the speed of execution of their case. 

To avoid encountering such pitfalls, non-residents have an alternative. Indeed, by contacting an insurance broker who allows them to benefit from rates two to three times cheaper, expatriates and foreigners benefit from a delegation of loan insurance set up more quickly. These deadlines are much shorter than those set by banking contracts, which are often managed by large platforms and do not allow for any personalised management of complex cases that require a tailor-made study, and sometimes rapid processing. Our insurance solutions often offer access to memberships without exams for up to €1 million.

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